In your sunlight

Don’t you wonder if someone knows you admire their work and are touched by their words?

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


I stumbled on your words.

I wasn’t looking. But somewhere an age ago on my own back pages you had made a comment and left behind the inevitable avatar footprint. Relationships leave so many tracks these digital days.

Without really thinking I found myself at your blog.

It is completely you. I mean, it reflects you. How I remember you anyway. Elegant, feminine, uncluttered, intelligent and creative. A sense of style. Sending a statement of who you are. I felt impressed, but then I always was.

I wasn’t going to read anything.

I don’t want to know about your life now. Your successes, your lovers, your writing, your photographs, your music, all your dreams coming true. But I couldn’t help myself. I scrolled down through the entries. I have always liked the way you write.

There are posts which I was temporarily certain were about me. Yet I rationalised, looking at the dates…

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